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Protect the Ambridge Reservoir

ambridge reservoir copy.jpg

Photo by Steve White

The Ambridge Reservoir is the drinking water for 30,000 people. This includes four municipalities in Allegheny County: Bell Acres, Edgeworth, Leet and Leetsdale, and five in Beaver County. Shell Pipelines LP's plan is to run the Falcon Pipeline through the headwaters of the watershed. Their first application had over 100 significant technical deficiencies. 


The DEP accepted their second application in December of 2018.

The emergency plan is to divert our water source to the Westview Water Authority on Neville Island.

Support the Ambridge & Edgeworth Water Authorities in protecting our fresh water supply.

Extreme oversight should be required by the DEP during the installation of the pipeline. Citizen watchdogs will also be trained to monitor the safety of their private water supplies.

Is there horizontal fracking near you? Get a baseline test on your water.

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